Frequently Asked Questions
About Vivace® Microneedling

What Does the Vivace Experience® Feel Like?

Most physicians use a topical numbing cream to make the treatment comfortable. The majority of patients describe a feeling of light pressure with an occasional warming sensation. Other patients report a feeling of minor prickling.

Does Microneedling Hurt?

Patients should experience minimal pain during the Vivace® treatment. Typically, a numbing cream is applied 30 to 45 minutes before the treatment to ensure a comfortable patient experience. Many testimonials from patients say they found the treatment to be in a range of comfortable to virtually pain-free. The Vivace® Microneedle RF was designed with patient comfort in mind.

How Do I Determine the Right Treatment for Me?

If you are considering a cosmetic skin treatment, you should reach out to one of our physicians or aesthetic providers for a consultation. It’s important to work with a trusted provider who uses FDA-cleared devices like Vivace® to give you confidence in your treatment’s safety and reliability. You should seek a patient experience designed to be comfortable while providing great results.

RF microneedling is only part of the process. The right serums and recovery system will enhance your results by improving your skin tone and texture. These serums and procedures are available through our physicians and aesthetic providers.

Here are additional questions clients like you have asked.

What Is Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency treatments use heat to stimulate collagen production in the tissues. Radiofrequency treatments are proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and enhance the skin. When combined with state-of-the-art microneedling treatments, patients achieve optimal results.

How Many Vivace Experience® Treatments Do I Need?

Your provider will determine your specific treatment protocols. Many providers find three treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart, provide the optimal results patients are looking for. Single and maintenance treatments are available by some providers, depending on your desired outcome.

More treatments may be available upon request. Consult with your provider for more personalized details.

How Long Does a Vivace® RF Microneedling Treatment Take?

The pre-treatment numbing takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The treatment itself takes about 45 minutes on the face. This means that the total treatment time will be between an hour and an hour and a half.

Can I Wear Makeup After My Vivace® Microneedling Treatments?

Patients should avoid applying makeup for at least six hours, and we suggest they wait until the next day. To maximize Vivace® microneedling results, patients can use our Soothe Mask and Boost Serum during the first four to six hours. This can reduce redness and provide better results in a shorter time.

How Do I Get Maximum Results From Vivace® Microneedling Treatments?

To ensure optimal results, start with the right device, the right treatment serum, and the right recovery system. These are available through our trusted physician and provider partners. Follow your provider’s recommended post-care instructions once you get home.

We suggest including the Soothe Mask and the Boost Serum. By coupling these with avoidance of direct sunlight and twenty-four hours off from working out, you are on your way to maximizing the Vivace Experience®. Multiple treatments are recommended for optimal results.

What Kind of Skin Does Microneedling Work On?

Unlike laser treatments, microneedling and RF treatments can treat most skin tones and types, including tanned or dark skin. This gives Vivace® treatments a major advantage over other non-invasive skincare procedures.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Everyone is different, but the collagen and elastin you make is your own and continues accelerated production over the next six months.

Most patients will find that their results last for a few years, though this will vary depending on the number of treatments and number of touch-up treatments that a patient chooses. Patients who get routine touch-up treatments report long-term results.

How Long Does Recovery Take After Microneedling?

Most patients will be ready to resume all daily activities within a day or two. This may be accelerated by using serums and recovery protocols that create optimal results and a faster recovery. Most patients should avoid direct sunlight for a week following treatment. However, most patients are ready to go out on the town within a day or two of treatment with no indication they have had a cosmetic procedure.