Vivace® Direct – July 8th


Here are suggested pre and post-treatment steps to take for the best and safest results with Vivace® radiofrequency microneedling.

Vivace® Microneedle RF is an extremely safe, effective, minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment to rejuvenate the skin. The Vivace® combines microneedling with RF energy, allowing for the electrocoagulation of the dermis to remodel the collagen and elastin. This process of neovascularization and neocollagenesis causes improvement in skin texture and firmness.

The Vivace Experience® has one of the shortest recovery times for treatments of this nature. Some patients even go out after their treatment without needing to cover redness or swelling with makeup. However, as with all treatments, it is essential to take special care of your skin before and after the procedure for fast recovery and the best results. Proper instruction and adherence to the precise treatment instructions ensure that your patient’s treatment will go smoothly and will help minimize any potential unwanted side effects.

Below are suggested pre and post Vivace® treatment considerations and instructions to help patients optimize treatment results.


Gather patient’s relevant history, conduct a medication history
and review, and assess current skincare regimen.
Avoid Accutane in the six months prior to beginning treatment sessions.
Topical agents that may increase the sensitivity of patient’s skin such as retinoids,
exfoliants, topical antibiotics, or acids should be avoided 5-7 days prior to treatment.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use (NSAIDs like aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Ibuprofen, or any other non-Tylenol, non-acetaminophen product)  should be avoided for two weeks prior to treatment to minimize the potential for bruising unless the medications involved are prescribed for the treatment of an existing medical condition.
No waxing, depilatory creams, or electrolysis to the area being treated for 5-7 days prior.
Patients with a history of fever blisters can take antiviral medication starting 1-2 days prior to treatment and instructed to follow directions on their prescription.
Avoid tanning beds, unprotected sun exposure, or sunburn for at least two weeks before treatment. Always use a zinc oxide sunscreen with SPF 30+.
Patients prone to cold sores, take an antiviral agent for two days prior to and the day of the treatment.
Instruct patients to hydrate for seven days prior, drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.



Ask about any relevant changes in medical history, review medications, and identify any cosmetic tattoos in the treatment area.
The patient’s skin should be cleaned, so it is free of lotion, oil, makeup, powder, or sunscreen. This can be requested from patients to perform at home prior to arrival or upon arrival for visit.
A personalized approach to topical anesthetic selection should be performed based on the patient’s allergy profile and tolerability. Approximately 30 minutes prior to performing the treatment, topical anesthetic should be applied to the patient’s skin.
Patients should be informed that a Vivace® Microneedle RF treatment is an in-office procedure that typically takes up to 60 minutes to complete.



Post-treatment skin should be left clean of cosmetic products, though mineral-based products can be worn with clean brushes if necessary. Makeup can be applied as usual the next day.
Additional care skin products should be avoided for the first 24 hours post-treatment unless advised by the skincare provider.
Jacuzzis, saunas, and steam baths should be avoided 24 to 48 hours post-treatment.
Patients should avoid exercise or any strenuous activities that cause sweating, increased heart rate, or heating of the skin for up to 48 hours post-treatment.
Refrain from deep exfoliation or retinol products for seven days.
Avoid sun tanning and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for at least two weeks. After 24 hours, patients can use sunblock or moisturizer with sunblock (30 SPF or higher) and be advised to wear a hat outside.
Instruct patients to hydrate, drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.


For best results, a follow-up visit and repeat Vivace® Microneedle RF treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks, with a minimum series of 3 treatments, depending on your patient’s personalized care plan and desired clinical outcomes.

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Disclaimer: The Vivace® pre and post-treatment considerations are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, medical director, or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. All suggested treatment settings are for suggested use only.