Vivace® Direct – September 16th





Dear Vivace® Owners,

I send this email to clarify confusion in the marketplace regarding the Vivace®. I want to be unequivocally clear that the VirtueRF is not the new and improved Vivace®. Yes, the VirtueRF has the same manufacturer as the Vivace® but that is where the similarities end. The fact is the VirtueRF is not the same, nor even an upgraded Vivace®, it is simply trying to ride the Vivace® success over the past four (4) years. The VirtueRF uses the Vivace® 510k clearance and therefore is FDA cleared for the same capabilities as the Vivace®. It is certainly not a “new RF microneedling platform” as being advertised.

If you are approached about trading in your Vivace®, please ensure that the device is backed by sound clinical and scientific data. Aesthetics Biomedical® (ABM) has worked hard to prove the reliability of the Vivace® by conducting important studies to confirm its value, efficacy and safety for physicians and consumers. ABM recently had a peer reviewed study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology that provides additional scientific data supporting the outcomes that can be achieved using the Vivace®. This published paper or the results obtained in the study do not apply to the VirtueRF or other microneedling devices.

The Vivace® and Vivace Experience®, both registered trademarks of Aesthetics Biomedical®, have over four (4) years of successful marketing, tremendous brand awareness, and strong consumer demand behind them. Vivace® is a favorite among celebrities and media alike and has accumulated industry recognition with multiple 2020 Aesthetic Everything Awards and the My Face My Body Skincare Device of the Year Award. An ultimate endorsement of the leading RF Microneedling treatment came from this year’s RealSelf “Most Worth It” Awards and Harper’s Bazaar, where Vivace® was the only microneedling treatment to be voted onto the prestigious list by actual patients benefiting from the treatment. Aesthetics Biomedical® has made Vivace® a household name among consumers of aesthetics services and this unmatched success and branding is limited to Vivace® physicians and practices.

It is always your choice when selecting a device or treatment for your practice, so we want to ensure that you have essential information, to make the most informed decisions. Additionally, I want to be clear that Aesthetics Biomedical® and Vivace® are here to stay as leaders in the aesthetic industry. It is unfortunate that our competitors are using misinformation to mislead our physicians without any regard to the impact this approach may have on practices across the United States.

Aesthetics Biomedical® may not have everything, but we do have integrity. I am available and eager to speak with any practices with concerns. I want to personally thank you for your ongoing support of the Vivace® and know that we will continue to provide unmatched training, practice management and service support to our customers. We will remain an organization of visionaries committed to ethical science, quality, excellence and innovation for many years to come.




MaryAnn Guerra
President & Chief Executive Officer
Aesthetics Biomedical® Inc.