Vivace® Direct – September 17th


At Aesthetics Biomedical (ABM), it is important to us, that we continue to build our community and connections. We want each and every Vivace® user to feel connected, supported, and informed.

Having a community around us is important for many reasons – first and foremost it means that you are not alone. We want to assure you that within this VIVACE® community, you have a strong and supportive network that can assist you with ordering, clinical and service questions, marketing, and training needs. Certainly, having the proper support around you is an invaluable resource.

The team at Aesthetics Biomedical® is committed to your success and your patients’ optimal outcomes. As a valued member of our family, we want you to know that you have a strong network of support as you grow your client base.

Here are a few resources to assure your success with Vivace®:

Ordering– Online orders are shipped and processed the same day as long as requests are received by 2:00 PM PDT. Here is the link to get started:

Clinical Related Inquiries- If you encounter something about the treatment that you’d like clarification on, please send an email to one of ABM’s clinical professionals at the or visit:

Device Related Inquiries–  If you should encounter something about the device, handpiece, or needle tips that you’d like clarification on, please send an email to one of ABM’s service engineers at the or visit:

1st Year Warranty – Your Vivace® is covered for anything deemed a manufacturer’s defect. Contact to find out what coverage you have.

Extended Warranty Options – Please contact if you would like to hear about the warranty options we have available.

Marketing Opportunities: Many of our offices are interested in participating in influencer events, open houses, tradeshows, presentations, and general PR events. To find out how you can be more involved please email

Vivace® Customer Support:  For general questions or for access to the Aesthetics Biomedical® Provider Portal please contact customer support at

Practice Development Management: If you have questions regarding marketing strategies and ROI opportunities that convert leads into patients, please click on the link to schedule a practice development assessment

Training: To inquire about training offerings and resources, please contact

We will see you next week as we discuss more Vivace® updates, provide clinical education, and useful treatment techniques. Feel free to send any questions or comments to


Disclaimer: The Vivace® Guidelines are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, medical director, or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. All suggested treatment settings are for suggested use only.